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Poppy Children

what a palava !


Why the name change ?

2016 has been quite a year for us!  Originally Poppy (founded in 1980 !) we were forced to change our name in 2015 due to trademark issues. It's not been fun and we didn't see it coming. We rebranded as Bryony and Co and thought all our troubles were over. But we were wrong. We had to rebranded within a couple of weeks, there were bound to be some consequences!

Unbelievably we were challenged by another retailer with a very similar name ‘Brioni’, forcing Bryony and Co. to rebrand AGAIN...  Now, with all checks completed and a grey cloud lifted from above our heads , Palava is born. We are only small and rebranding is hugely costly, luckily we don't have to do everything in such a rush this time so the rebrand will happen slowly and in our own time.  So you may for sometime receive items have a  Bryony or Palava label in them.

Palava has the same company ethos; to create beautiful, unique clothing that can be passed from generation to generation. The new name change represents the Palava we have been through in the last year but also a sense of humor, fun and creativity. We love our new name and feel long term it gives us a stronger identity that is fun and will again, set us apart from others. The company remains the same, both in terms of designs and character. We hope you can understand this has not been an easy time and I do hope you  stick with us !


whata palava sign


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